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WELCOME is a website run by the Altrincham Speed Skating Club.

Here you find lots of information about speed skating, a sport also known as shorttrack.

Shorttrack is a fun, adrenalin fuelled sport; for any age. It does not only require speed, but also constant thinking to be able to race.

If you would like to learn to skate and become Britains next top shorttracker, join then the Altrincham Speed Skating Club (ASSC) at Planet Ice Altrincham every Sunday at 20.15 hr

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The Altrincham Speed Skating Club (ASSC) was started in xxxx and used to train on the original Altrincham Ice Rink situated on Devonshire Road. Imagine it had an organ to play live music!
When the rink on Devonshire Road closed in 2003, the speed skating club moved and renamed to Deeside with the club moto ‘Deeside till you die’.Unfortunately, this rink was more interested in Curling, so we had to move again. Now we have been located in Altrincham since xxxx.

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